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Fairness Giraffe

Fairness Giraffe

People who are fair learn to communicate respectfully with others.  People learn to work through their differences without hurtful words or harmful actions.  Are you fair?

What does fairness mean?  You've heard the expression, fair and square haven't you?  Well...let's think about that.  What does it mean to be fair and square?  We can start by by the rules, take turns, and share whenever possible.  Know that in order for an activity to be fair, everyone should get a chance.

If you think you're being unfair, then change the person you are.  Change is a daily reality for everyone alive.  A person who was once foolish is now wise.  A person who was once cruel is now kind.  If you do not cause the changes to work for you, they willl likely work against you.  Standing still is not an option.

Change can happen.  You can be sure of that.  So use it to your advantage.  Welcome the changes, look for the positive possibilities in them, and they will move you steadily forward.