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Students shall be counted in attendance if they are actually present at school at the time the attendance is taken or are away from school on a school day and engaged in an educational activity that constitutes a part of the school-approved instructional program for the student (Section 1003.23, Florida Statutes).


Please call this number when your child is absent from school.


Tardy Policy

School begins promptly at 8:10 am.

In order to maximize the instructional day, when students are tardy parents will need to sign their child in at the front office and the OFFICE STAFF will escort the student to class.  Parents will no longer escort their child to class after 8:10 am.


Students should not be on campus prior to 7:45 am because there is no supervision earlier than then.  

How many early checkouts and/or tardy am I allowed before my child is marked absent?

How many early checkouts and/or tardy am I allowed before my child is marked absent?

A student will be marked absent after coming in tardy to school five (5) times without a good reason why they are late.  If you checkout your child before the bell rings, after five (5) times the student will be marked absent.  All doctor's appointments must be documented in order to excuse them or a letter indicating why the student had to leave early or come to school late must meet our guidelines to be excused.

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Perfect Attendance

In order to encourage and recognize students with perfect attendance, teachers will give each student one token at the end of the week if he/she was in attendance every day without any check-outs or tardies.  Twice a month beginning in September, students with 5 tokens are awarded and extra recess and a freezer pop.   Encourage students to be in attendance each and every day.

Attendance Policy Manuel